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now, Let's drill down into the details.

Every Light Travelers van includes our Deluxe essential package which includes:

+ Full insulation and sound deandening.
+ Framing Reinforcement
+ Wall and ceiling paneling
+ Fire extinguisher.
+ Powder coated aluminum edge trims for sliding door and back doors.

Next, We would like to learn about the additional features you would like to add to your van's system, function, living, and comfort. This information will help our sales team provide you with a budget estimate for your project. If you are uncertain about a particular option, feel free to take your best guess or skip it for now.

SYSTEM Alternatives

Power, water, heating, cooling, and lighting. Bring life to your van.

Exterior Alternatives

Bumpers, racks, upgrades, and more. Efficiently use your van the way it was meant to be used.

Which systems would you like to add?

Comfort alternatives

Seating, sleeping, cooking, and more. This is your home on wheels.

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